Your time is valuable. Faculty members of the Range Science Education Council developed this clearinghouse with the needs of new, as well as experienced, teaching professionals in mind.
The Clearinghouse is an open-access publication of peer-reviewed documents designed specifically for use by instructors, professors, extension educators or others desiring the use of excellent college-level teaching resources focused on rangelands. You will discover lecture material, class projects, learning modules, assessments and other useful resources for the college classroom.
Published by the Range Science Education Council, this publication aims to make excellent teaching materials more accessible to rangeland educators. Funding was provided by a USDA Higher Education Challenge grant titled “Revitalizing Rangeland Education for the 21st Century.” See our other resources available at http://globalrangelands.org/higher-ed.
We welcome submission of original, creative classroom teaching documents (e.g. lectures, quizzes, labs, learning modules, and/or assignments). Please contact Karen Hickman, editor, for more information karen.hickman@okstate.edu.