Rangeland Profiles

Karen Clause

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University of Montana
Pinedale, WY

What is the name of the degree you completed? 

Forestry (emphasis in Rangeland Resources Management)

How did you discover your passion for range? What inspired you to work in the field of range ecology and management? 

The late Dr. Donald J. Bedunah inspired me in an elective class I had taken as an undeclared sophomore. I grew up on a ranch and wanted to work outside.

If you could have your choice of concert tickets, who would you want to go see? 

Taylor Swift

What was your first range ecology and management position, after completing your college degree? 

I worked as a Soil Conservationist with the Soil Conservation Service doing range field work in addition to many other disciplines. It took me 12 years to get converted to a 454 Range Conservationist series.

Who do you currently work for? And, what is your current job position?

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service as a multi-county (area) Rangeland Management Specialist

What have you done with your range career to improve the planet? 

I have assisted landowners to implement conservation practices such as weed management, and grazing systems that benefit soil and water resources as well as animals (wildlife and domestic livestock). I have also helped America to have an affordable food supply while we have clean air and water.

What is your favorite outdoor place and why?

Anywhere in the Upper Green River Basin (too many places to pick), but particularly the Wyoming and Wind River Mountains. I love the combinations of plant communities that occur, and I love to recreate (fish and hunt and camp) with my family in the great open spaces it provides.

What tips do you have for students interested in range? 

Be patient. Be flexible. Be persistent. Be willing to do other jobs as long as they build toward your long-term career goals.